Mission Statement:

Providing churches, organizations, professionals, and amateurs with
quality recording products and duplication services in order to preserve
and share their creative works, messages, ideas and memories for
generations to come.

Core Values:

1. Integrity and respect in treating suppliers, customers and employees.
2. Distinguished customer service for all, regardless of sales volume.
3. Continuous search for the best quality and value for our customers.
4. Creating employment opportunities for our communities.
5. Fiscal viability to ensure the company's growth.

International Inc.
P.o. Box 1208
Guasti, Ca. 91743-1208

Who we are:

DeltaMedia is a leading distributor and manufacturer of audio, video,
and CD blank media for personal, professional and business use
(small or large quantity). Headquartered in Southern California,
DeltaMedia distributes audio cassettes (voice, music and chrome) and
video cassettes (High Grade and Super High Grade) as well as other
recordable media from leading manufacturers such as SKM, Auriga
Aurex, 3M, Mitsui, Taiyo Yuden and Ritek. We offer extremely
competitive pricing for our wide range of products and services. In
addition to standard colors, a large selection of colored cassette shells
are also available for order. Our product line includes audio and video
cassettes, CD-R's, CD-R burners, CD duplication systems, CD
printers such as Rimage and Signature, audio and video duplication,
CD duplication and CD replication services. We also offer a full line of
packaging accessories for audio cassette, video cassette and CD

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