# CCP-1310F
Sony CCP-1310F (Ferrite Heads)
Mono, 1 to 3 with ferrite recording
heads for extended long life.

# CCP-1410F
Sony CCP-1410F (Ferrite Heads)
Mono add-on unit with long-lasting
ferrite copy heads. Links to the

# CCP-2300
Sony CCP-2300
Stereo Master unit, copies three
tapes from one master.
Expandable with CCP-2400 units.

# CCP-2310F
Sony CCP-2310F (Ferrite Heads)
Stereo 1 to 3 Master unit with long
lasting ferrite heads.

# CCP-1300
Sony CCP-1300
The CCP 1300 is a mono 1-3 copier
that expands up to 23 copy positions
by adding the CCP 1400 copy unit.

# CCP-1400
Sony CCP-1400
Add-on copy unit for CCP-1300 mono

# CCP-2400
Sony CCP-2400
Stereo Slave unit for the CCP-2400, 4
copy positions.

# CCP-2410F
Sony CCP-2410F (Ferrite Heads)
The CCP-2410F system features ferrite
heads for added durability & dependability.
The unit features a single cable connection
between each expansion unit. 16X normal
speed & rapid rewind.

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